Introducing Kim


Introducing Kim Mathews - From Auditor to Educator to Practitioner!

With many years spent as an Auditor and then educator, my personal health had suffered.  With increased weight came high blood pressure, diagnosed pre-diabetic and borderline burnout, I realised something had to change in my life.  My family was fine, but I wasn’t.

When my father-in-law decided to use Bowen Therapy as his post-operative recovery program, I became intrigued.  He raved about how well it was working for him, so I decided to give it a go...apprehensively. After a two sessions I noticed changes in my physical well-being, I began to sleep and after 12 months I had reduced my size by 7 dress sizes!  The gentle, holistic approach had such a powerful impact on my life. I realised that if Bowen Therapy could help my father-in-law and I, imagine who else it could assist. The decision was made for me to become a Bowen Therapy Practitioner.

Our Ethos - LIfe is about CHOICE:

Compassion - care begins from within

Heartfelt - connect from your heart

Ownership - be in control

Inspiration - become the difference

Confidence - supported in your actions

Embrace - a new lease of life

My passion is to share the power of Bowen Therapy so you have the tools to take ownership and make the necessary changes in your life, to become a Healthier and Happier You!

For more information on how Bowen Therapy can assist you, contact us NOW.


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For several months I was experiencing considerable lower back pain and stiffness in my hips that just didn't respond to my usual stretching exercises. This was unusual for me and was beginning to impact on my exercise routine and limit my day to day activities as well.

I had not had Bowen Therapy previously but made an appointment with Kim after she had been recommended to me.

After my first treatment with Kim my back was pain free and has remained so. I also noticed a marked improvement in the stiffness in my hips.

I have had a further three treatments and am amazed at the continuing improvement. My body feels flexible, strong and agile again and the range of movement in my hips has increased considerably. 

I intend to have regular maintenance treatments with Kim when my body tells me it needs one!


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For more than 30 years, I have suffered from neck and shoulder pain. This has resulted in severe headaches, which at times, have been debilitating. Numerous theories have been proposed for the cause of these including mild anatomical abnormalities, old sports injuries, occupational demands and psychological stress. The pursuit of relief over the decades has led me to seek a broad range of treatments including massage, physiotherapy, acupuncture, chiropractic, maxilla-mandibular dentistry, Feldenkrais and of course pain management through medication. At best, most of these have brought some short-term relief. This has been in combination with continual preventative actions such as lifestyle or occupation changes, postural and equipment modifications.

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I commenced Bowen Therapy treatments with Kim Matthews last year. To be honest, after such a long journey of treatment modalities, I was skeptical that Bowen could be any more helpful for my long-term issues. I was astonished after the first month of weekly treatments (which had also been a rather stressful work phase) that I had no return of symptoms. Kim suggested I was able to extend the timeframes between treatments to fortnightly and then ‘monthly maintenance’. Rather than pre-empting an inevitable ‘show-stopping’ a headache at some stage each fortnight, I am able to work, travel, exercise and socialise without fear of symptoms. As Kim predicted, my body soon ‘tells’ me if I have not had a “body balance” within a reasonable timeframe as muscle tightness and symptoms begin to return.

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Kim Matthews is passionate about her practice of Bowen Therapy. She is knowledgeable and dedicated to her work. Her treatments are gentle and conducted with utmost professionalism and discretion for client dignity. The treatments Kim has provided me with have without question made a profound positive effect on my symptoms and quality of life.


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I have been receiving Bowen Therapy Treatment at Bowen Healing Worx for approximately 6 months and highly recommend it. I thought that having back pain and general aches and pains was a part of getting older. After trying lots of other methods to relieve pain, I had given up.

Since having Bowen Therapy, I now smile when I walk and am now living pain-free. 

Bowen Therapy is a non-invasive treatment and shows great results within a few days.

Thank You Kim