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migraine headache

Are Migraines preventing you from doing what you want?

Do migraines stop you from living your life? To the point you can’t move without feeling like you’ll throw up. Leaving you with a headache where your world has to stop. How many of these apply to you? Anxious at the thought of moving And possibly depressed Other aches and pains The only relief you…

Trouble sleeping

Is Quality Sleep a Problem for You?

Do you lie awake at night wishing sleep would come? Or do you have trouble getting to sleep only to wake a in the middle of the night? You are not alone 33-45% of Australian adults in 2016 had problems sleeping (Sleep Health Survey 2016). Health Risks with Sleep Deprivation The effects on our health…

loyal staff

Invest in Your Staff’s Health and Improve Your Business’s Health

The numbers are compelling for employers to invest in their employee’s health, implementing wellness programs into their organisations. Research conducted by Comcare (2012) revealed wellbeing programs decrease sick leave absenteeism by 25.3%. For every $1 spent on health and wellbeing programs, there’s a return on investment of $5.81 (Comcare 2012) Healthy workers are 3 times more effective than…

Reduce workplace stress improve your bottom line

Reduce workplace stress improve your bottom line

If we consider in Australia in the 2004/2005 tax year alone more than $133.9 million was paid in benefits to workers who had make workplace stress related claims. (Better Health Victorian Government). The National Health and Safety Commission states that work-related stress contributes to the longest time away from work. My last blog noted that 85% of employees believe that it is the responsibility of employers to address stress in the workplace. It also makes good business sense to provide employees with a safe and healthy work environment.

Hidden danger of stress and depression in workplace

Is stress killing you and your business?

What is Stress? What is stress? When someone believes the demands placed on them are in excess of their ability to meet the demands, and the consequences of not meeting those demands are serious, stress occurs. (Lazarus & Folkman, 1984). What is the Cost of Stress to the Economy? The cost to the Australian economy…

Bowen Therapy and incontinence

Are You Afraid to Jump for Joy?

Incontinence problems are more common than you might think Incontinence is not only a problem of the elderly it affects people of all ages and genders. Did you know that incontinence affects over 5 million Australians? (Continence Foundation of Australia). Urinary incontinence is widespread as indicated by the statistics below: Urinary incontinence impacts 13% of…

How Bowen Therapy can help alleviate the symptoms of menopause for working women

Menopause and the impact on your work life

Some women sail through menopause with no obvious symptoms. For many women the impact of menopause can be significant in their work life. Waking up in a ball of sweat then freezing after throwing the covers off many times during the night. Sometimes these symptoms are severe and sudden making work life very challenging. Experiencing…

Bowen Therapy and Autism

Can Bowen Therapy Help with Autism, Aspergers and ADHD?

What is Bowen Therapy? Bowen Technique is a muscle and connective tissue therapy and is sometimes referred to as the ‘homoeopathy of bodywork’. It uses purposeful precise movements which stimulate the body into healing itself. How Does Bowen Therapy Work? It’s important to remember that Bowen Technique treats the body as a whole rather than…

Stress Red Pencil

5 things you can do to reduce stress now.

Five things you can do to reduce stress right now. 1. Give yourself permission to take time to relax every day. It takes time and a   conscious effort to relax. 2. Create a relaxing space away from computers, switch off your mobile phone, tv and radio. Allow your mind slow down and check in. Be…

Hands Working On Skin

Bowen Technique

How Does It Work? It’s important to remember that Bowen Technique treats the body as a whole rather than individual complaints, by restoring balance to the anatomical nervous system (ANS). In today’s world most people live in a constant state of high stress causing the ANS to be over-stimulated. This is commonly referred to as…