What To Expect From Bowen Therapy

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When should I get Bowen Therapy?

The ideal time for a Bowtech session is immediately after an injury. That way, your body can overcome the trauma before it begins to compensate for it. (The compensations often create more problems in the long run than the initial trauma itself.) If you can't get to a Bowtech practitioner immediately, the sooner you can, the better. Bowtech in Toowong

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What to expect during Bowen Therapy

A typical Bowen Technique session generally lasts up to 60 minutes. Clients usually lie on a therapy bed or may be seated in a chair if required, for comfort. A 'session' involves one or more 'procedures', each of which consists of several sets of 'moves'. The moves are gentle, but purposeful, and can be done through light clothing but are usually done on bare skin.

There are rests of usually 2 -5 minutes between moves these are essential pauses throughout the session that allow the body time to process and begin healing. We can target a specific problem or address the body as a whole.

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What to expect after Bowen Therapy

The first 24 hours:

Move about every 30 minutes during the day.
 Avoid strenuous exercises.
Drink extra water to assist your body.
No hot baths, heat or ice packs. 


The Week  After a Bowen Session:

Trust Bowen don't use other therapies.
Continue to drink plenty of water daily.
Do any prescribed exercises as directed.
Allow at least 5 days for effects to be fully integrated.


Follow-up Recommendations:

Return sessions between 5 -7 days.

Once your body is balanced and conditions resolve, you need to schedule a Bowen session for maintenance (will vary  - check with your therapist). 

If re-injury or new injury occurs contact us straight away.

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